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Supplemental Security

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Watson Express uses a security monitoring system to make sure the plans are up to date. The security monitoring system allows us to give clients data that will create value. We improve security officer performance by teaching them how to work as a team.


Watson Express offers supplemental and on-call services to fit our client’s security guard needs. The on-call less than 24hr service helps clients find quality guards at the last minute. Watson Express clients don’t have to worry about understaffing again.

Supplemental Security

Watson Express Security LLC Supplemental Security Minnesota

We specialize in providing supplemental security pre-planned, on-call relief and ramp/ parking lot agents. We provide guards to work with your existing security staff to perform daily duties.  Our staff provides supervisors, directors, audits, reports, patrols, CCTV cameras operating, securing and unsecured doors, and other tasks needed to fulfill the needs of our clients. Watson Express seeks to provide peace of mind for their clients, investors, contractors.


On-call relief is requested when a hotel / corporate security guard is needed within less than 24hrs. This service has been something that separates us from most protective agent services. We believe in meeting our client’s needs and being flexible. This allows us the opportunity to create long-lasting partnerships.

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